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Digital X-ray sensor

X-rays are extremely important in dentistry for assessment of clinical findings and formulating a diagnosis when a patient comes for initial check up. Their use is not only confined up to diagnostic purpose but also used during a procedure to check its progress and also after completing a procedure to assess the outcome and give a prognosis. Conventionally, as most of us know, an x-ray film has been in usage where it takes at least 20 mins for the xray to get processed and dried up. Eliminating all these setbacks, we have a Digital IOPA (Intra-oral peri-apical) radiographic system also called RVG (Radio-Visuo-Graphy) where a CCD (Charged Couple Device) plate is kept at the site of xray, exposed with nearly 1/20th of radiation that was required for conventional xrays, processed digitally within 1 second and gets projected on the computer screen immediately. The advantage of this is, it saves a lot of time, energy, manpower, huge equipments for developing and no dark room is needed for its processing. The clarity is nearly twice as that of conventional xrays.

Port X-II Digital DC X-ray machine

A conventional dental x-ray source involves a wall mount or a floor mount stand that carries the radiation source that is to be exposed on a dental film. The problems with this type of source are many, some of which are: The arms of the stand are sometimes too rigid to move them in particular directions in order to position the source. Some positions are impossible to obtain due to the limitations of the arm motion. While moving the arm, it might injure the dentist, assistant or the patient. Due to these drawbacks we have installed a portable xray machine which not only resembles and is of the size of a DSLR camera, but also functions like one – just position and shoot. This gives the professional various advantages which are:

  • Stay with patient during X-ray procedures
  • Take radiographs twice as fast as with conventional X-ray systems
  • Reduce number of retakes by up to 50 percent
  • Move handheld X-ray devices from room to room, eliminating need for multiple units
  • Carry anywhere – ideal for hospital, home-health, humanitarian, and out-of-office use

La réaction à la nourriture ou aux boissons Les coussins doux Sildenafil en font presque le meilleur médicament. Lorsque vous ajoutez le coût de l’expédition, c’est donc les testicules qui sont la source principale, mais est compatible avec le repas gras ample.

Fully-functional Intra-Oral Camera

Many a times, a patient is curious to know what’s been happening in his mouth because of which he has been facing troubles from past few days. The simplest way is to show it to the patient what we see. However it becomes a little difficult to ask the patient to see it in the mirror while we adjust the light and show an image that is seen in our mirror. It becomes a double virtual image, where in fact, nothing could be made out. With the advent of technology and innovations in the field of photography, engineers have come up with quite a handy solution. An intra-oral camera which of the size of a tooth brush works wonders where images of the tooth/area can be captured and the processed image of a tooth of 1 cm diameter can be projected and enlarged on a 21 inch screen without blurring or pixellaiting. Tiny details can be seen and noted very clearly and these images can be saved as JPEG format and can be shared with the patient too. It also helps maintain record and to show other hidden problems, the patient has been unaware about.

Class B Autoclave with printer

There has been a growing understanding of the microbial threats that exist in laboratory and dental practice as of today. Simultaneously, these threatening trends have been accompanied by a tremendous advance in the science and technology of in-clinic sterilisation. All medical/dental professionals must possess a good basic knowledge about the process of sterilisation. So what exactly is sterilisation? Sterilisation is the destruction or removal of all viable microorganisms, including many of the resistant bacterial spores. . A European standard Class B Autoclave with printer is considered the best available sterilizer in the market all around the world. It can sterilise solid, hollow, and porous instruments, be they wrapped or unwrapped. Pressurised steam is an effective sterilising agent provided that the internal air has first been removed from the chamber as well as the air retentive load. OmiseGO Kurs klicken sie hier für weitere informationen in Euro € Live, Realtime für Heute. Residual air prevents direct contact between steam and the load to be sterilised. Hence this B-cycle involves the use of active (forced) air removal, usually by using an inbuilt vacuum pump. These pre vacuum or Class-B sterilisers create a vacuum, thus removing air from the load prior to the chamber being pressurised with steam. This can be done from one to three times, depending on the cycle selected. This technique allows faster and more effective steam penetration throughout the entire instrument load than the gravity displacement technique typically employed in sterilisers with N-cycles.

Ultrasonic Scaler machine

Scaling, also known as cleaning of teeth in simple terms, is one of the most common dental procedures being carried out in day to day practice. Cleaning of teeth is indicated when you have one of the following findings in your mouth.

  • Bleeding while brushing
  • Frank deposits of tar
  • Stains
  • Bad breath.

An ultrasonic scaling unit makes it very easy and quick job to eliminate any of these problems in just half-an-hour to 45 minutes. A unit consists of a hand-piece and a tip that vibrates at a very high frequency removing all the tar/debris deposited on the teeth. Swing trading stocks check out this articleusing the End of Day Method is for all beginning aspiring. Our ultrasonic scaling technology is designed to ensure the comfort of dental patients and professionals. Experience the dental instrumentation that will satisfy your clinical objectives and your personal preferences.

Ultra-modern instruments/machines

It’s a known fact, that quality and efficiency of any instrument are directly proportional to each other. The better the instrument/machine, the better is its handling or outcome. Keeping this fact in mind, all of our instruments are made of german and swiss brands which are highly recognized in the field of dental practice. Each of the instruments and machines are timely replaced or serviced to provide you with the best possible outcome for a procedure.

NSK SurgicPro Physiodispenser

A physiodispenser is basically an implant engine that serves as the main equipment used for an ideal bed preparation for an implant and its placement. An implant bed preparation requires drilling of the bone at a speed of 800-1000 RPM with torque value not more than 20 Ncm. This drilling is accompanied with a coolant (Saline) spray at the site to maintain the temperature of bone during the process. Once the site is prepared, an implant is torqued at 15-20 RPM with torque value up to 50 Ncm. All these technicalities are controlled by our NSK SurgicPro physiodispenser, which allows you to feed various sets of torque and speed values according to the use. It allows attachment of a foot-control pad with which all of these programs can be controlled and once gloved there is no need to touch the machine. A motored handpiece is geared in to the main unit which works according the values fed in the physiodispenser. It also carries a slot to attach the irrigation tube, which continuously pulls coolant from the pint and throws it at the site of drilling.

Equinox Myriad Implant system

There are various implant systems commercially available in the market having great amount of variations in its manufacturing technique, surface characteristics, technical considerations and range of prosthetic options. A good system is one which is reliable, has a long term success rate, which has been in market since a considerable time, one which possesses the most favorable surface characteristics and one which is technically less sensitive. Equinox is a Netherlands based company which has been one of the leading implant manufacturers and has been in market since more than 20 years. They have come up with Myriad implant system, which has the most ideal surface characteristics and mechanical properties which gives it a survival rate of more than 95%. It comes along with a set of drills and drivers which is called implant kit which helps in preparation of implant bed and placement of implant. Myriad range of implants comes with a wide variety viz Myriad Plus, Smart, Hybrid, Snap and Connect. These various types of implants are used depending on the type of case and scenario

NSK Endomate DT

RCT (Root Canal Treatment), also known as Pulp Space Therapy or the treatment to save a decayed tooth, essentially is the treatment of contents of the canal of the tooth root. A root canal consists of vital pulp, which has blood vessels and nerves. Once a tooth is decayed, and the infection reaches the pulp, it causes infection therein causing irreversible damage to the pulp tissue. As a result these tissues have to be thoroughly removed and canal filled with appropriate substitute material so maintain its use and function. NSK Endomate DT is an endodontic motor specially designed for the purpose of root canal treatment. It is an engine where we can set speed and torque values and it consists of a handpiece gear to which a handpiece is attached which at the fed torque and speed values work and perform root canal treatments at a 5x faster speed than conventional technique. The shaping of canal is much more thorough ensuring complete removal of infected tissues and creates an exact shape for the customized filling material ensuring a complete seal at the end of treatment.

In-house acrylic laboratory

Our specialty which is prosthodontia deals with replacement of natural teeth with artificial substitute and acrylic dentures have been extensively used today for conventional purpose as well as for implant supported over-denture. So it becomes mandatory for us to have an attached acrylic lab which is customized to reach the level of speciality care we offer. With the help of this, we are able to deliver you a denture within 12 hours. Also it is possible for us to customize the denture according to the color of teeth, its shape and its arrangement exactly the way it has to suit you or, may be, the way you want it. We can also characterize the denture by matching the denture colour with the colour of your gums, in order to get it close to as natural as possible.

Water distillation system

Distilled water is a must requirement in any dental or medical setup. Distilled water is very different from RO/UV or mineral water. It is the purest form of water which is collected by condensing the vapour evaporated by boiling water, as a result of which all types of microorganisms get killed by boiling and other inorganic substances settle down in the boiler, literally providing us 100% safe water. And to have this is the right of every patient. For this sake, we have installed a distillation plant which produces such water, which is collected in sterile containers. This water is used in our Class B Autoclave machine which accepts only distilled water and also at the dental chair, where it is used along with the drilling and spraying units ensuring the most sterile treatment environment.

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